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 This page contains radio segments from 1998-2001


    1)  The Paper Apron 

   2)  Leroy and the chicken dude

   3)  Call to Australia

   4)  President Rock

        Presidents working in a pizza place

   5) The famous Androgynous Cow person

        The famous Androgynous Cow person

   6)  Guess where the tourist is from

   7 The morning madman's moment of glory

  8 What Woody is really saying

   9 Brian Karre for a Better tommorrow

10)  The guy who pretends he is British

11)  Fog or fire

12)  Lady singing the blues

13)  The famous monkey man strikes again

14)  Did my Grandparents sell out to the man

        Car braw

 15) First few talksets with Woody in 2000  

       I will lift up my shirt

       Feel my muscles, girl

       There is going to be a full moon tonight

 16)  Goldfish

 17Wheel of fortune

 18)  Boy, you didn't do a damn thing last summer

 19)  Mckinly the Perverted Irish Midget

 20)  Buck Peterson live at the world series

 First phone call ever put on the air on KZ95 August 1998 This guy has no friends



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       from the occasional smart-ass comment by Chief Meteorologist Jim

       Woodmency and calls from listeners