Welcome to the 2002-2004 clips for the show page

This page contains radio segments from 2002-2004


        1 Bri-agra

     2)  Doctor Phil on the show

      3)  Crouching Grouse - Bending Hen

      4)  Wheel of fortune winner

      5)  Traffic reporter

      6)  James Bond doing the weather

      7)  The hunting report 

      8 The Free Bird opening

           The Free Bird middle

           The Free Bird closing

       9)  The website makes the news

     10)  Analyze these

     11)  Please don't touch things on the engineering board

     12 Woody gets yelled at for chopping down a Tree by environmentalist  

             Dancing Santa weighs in on Woody's tree chopping experience

     13)  Beaver Dick Lee the Trapper/Rapper

     14Poor brackets

     15)  Streakers

     16)  Interns hit the fair

     17)  Bush-Kerry debate 2004

     18)  Introducing, The spring-man     

     19)  St. Patrick's Day shows

             Introducing Shamus Mckenna

            Translating Shamus

             Mckinly 2003 part one

            Mckinly 2003 part two

       20) Mike, not impressed with the prize he won, hangs up 



   copyright Brian Karre 1998-2013        

       All segments written, produced and arranged by Brian Karre, aside,

       from the occasional smart-ass comment by Chief Meteorologist Jim

       Woodmency and calls from listeners