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This page contains radio segments from 2005-2007


1)  Brian Karre Point 

2 Interview with life form from Pluto

3 The original Jack Attack 

4) Producer FIRED

5)  Star Wars part 1

     Star Wars part 2

     Star Wars part 3

     Star Wars part 4

6 Brian Karre for Congress 

7 Martha Stewart Show Promo

8)  Jack contacts producer without telling Mr. Karre 

9) Hasselhoff - The singer part 1

      Part 2 Hasselhoff - The singer

      Part 3 Hasselhoff - The singer

      Part 4Hasselhoff - The singer

10) Dancing Santa arrives

      Santa lets it loose in K-Mart

      K-mart Customer Service dept.

      Santa hitting on listeners

11) KZ 95 Valentines Day Promotion     

      Worst dates

                  1st Place - large thighs

                  2nd Place - Don't eat that

                  3rd Place - The Witch Doctor

                  4th Place - Oh my gosh you're a Hooker!

12) The Dating Game part 1

      The Dating Game part 2

      The Dating Game part 3

13) Springer and Shinkle - movie reviewers

14)  Ringing the Salvation Army Bell 

15) A polka band from the Swiss Alps suddenly walked in

      Seriously, who invented Lederhosen?

16) Kids fighting global warming and not hurting old ladies

17) Out of thin air comedy troupe part 1

      Out of thin air comedy troupe part 2

18) Pretending to be legendary KZ95 radio personality Jay Martin

19) Kwanis Follies interview

      Kawanis Follies interview part 2

20) Dear Diary June 2005

      Dear Diary Jan 2006



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       All segments written, produced and arranged by Brian Karre, aside,

       from the occasional smart-ass comment by Chief Meteorologist Jim

       Woodmency and live calls from listeners