Famous curses throughout the world

King Tut

The Billy Goat Tavern 

Rock Stars who died at twenty-seven 

Bodie State Park 

The Madden Curse


Mysterious, monstrous and mythical creatures from around the world 

Bear Lake Monster

Big Foot

Loch Ness Monster


Tasmanian Devil

Blood sucking bats

Living Dinosaurs cut a  cut b cut c

Real Mermaids cut a cut b cut c


Haunted places throughout the world

The Bermuda Triangle

Dracula's Castle in Transylvania

Area 51



The Stanley Hotel

The Mothman

Lizzie Borden


Haunted places throughout Wyoming

Clip A Cheyenne

Clip B Sheridan

Clip C Casper

Clip D Green River

Clip E Cody

Clip F  Cody

Clip G Powell