Welcome to the 2008-2011 clips for the show page

   1) Hike to Jackson Peak

    2) Scottish Highland games interview introduction

         Scottish Highland games bagpipe

    3) Grown man who won the blow-up sheep click here   

   4) Sumo wrestlers coming down the Alpine Slide part 1

  5) Sumo wrestlers coming down the Alpine Slide part 2

    6) Listen to the final heat of KZ95's 2010 Dog race here

    7) The 2009 Great Gobble Giveaway has started Clip from a past gobbler

    8) FACEFELLAS Click here for audio

    9) Celebrate the smell of Brian Karre KARRE DE

   10) These old mountains get pretty lonely sometimes click here for audio         

   11)  Episode One of  AS THE TETONS TURN  -  click here to listen

  12)  Episode Two of AS THE TETONS TURN   -  click here to listen

  13)  Episode Three of AS THE TETONS TURN -  click here to listen

  14)  Episode Four of AS THE TETONS TURN  -  click here to listen

  15)  Final Episode  AS THE TETONS TURN  -    click here to listen

  16)  Audio from the 2009 Valentines Day Dating Game

         The ladies introduce themselves click here to listen

          Getting to know the contestants click here to listen

          The Bachelor asks his questions click here to listen

          The Bachelor makes his final pick click here to listen

    17) Clip A  Mary sucking in Helium

           Clip B  JC sucking in Helium

    18) Santa leaving the KZ95 parking lot going to first hidden location

    19) Santa at Subway

          Santa giveaway free subs from subway

    20) Santa at his last stop, Eddie B, getting mauled by Santa fans